Nintendo 3DS Emulator for PC

Welcome to my official blog of Nintendo 3DS Emulator project. Many of you might be looking for a 3ds emulator application to play nintendo 3ds games in your pc without owning a actual 3ds device. You can download 3ds emulator here or continue reading more about the 3ds emulator project.

Unlike DS emulation, 3DS emulation much more complicated and not an easy task to develop a 3ds emulator with out any bugs. It did took me so many months to develop a working 3ds emulator and a team of 4 people working for this project.

About 3DS Emulator:
3ds emulator with pokemon3DS emulator project came into existence in 2014 January and took over 9 months to complete it successfully with few minor issues which can be overcome in future updates. You should be able to play almost all the 3ds games using our emulator, but before that you need to download ROM's from google of whatever 3DS game you wanted to play. Then you can import the ROM into the emulator and start playing your favorite games.

Currently, the emulator is not compatible with MAC and Linux environments but you need to install the emulator first unlike other emulators. We are giving out the emulator for free which means you can use it in as many systems as you want.

Once you install the emulator in your PC you can get further instruction easily with the available options in the 3ds emulator menu which lets you change the screen resolution of the game while playing. There are some other features requested from the beta testers who feel like are very important to take the emulator to next level of gaming.